Perkins Update from Karen Reddick at NCM


First and foremost – The fate of the Perkins Program has not yet been determined and can only be determined by Congress, NOT the Department of Education.  The Department of Education recently sent out a Dear Colleague Letter to give guidance on the “wind-down” of the Program if the program expires and Congress does not act.  The Higher Education Act expires on September 30, 2015, which encompasses all Title IV programs, not just Perkins.  Congress needs to either pass a reauthorization bill by that date or an extension.  It took 5 years and at least 13 extensions during the last reauthorization process before President Bush signed a bill in August 2008.  Congress can also introduce a standalone bill to extend Perkins or repeal the sunset provision all together.  If an extension of the HEA occurs, which is likely, Perkins will also be extended unless Congress specifically states otherwise and the wind-down guidance will be modified until we see an actual bill.  I am hopeful that Perkins will be reauthorized.  COHEAO and campuses nationwide are working diligently on the Hill to save this Program and Congress is listening.  It is my intent to keep you updated as this moves forward.  – Karen Reddick, NCM and COHEAO on 3-11-15

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