Institutional Membership

Conference Registration Information: 

  1. Register online via EventBrite at this link 2019 CAASLAR Conference Registration
  2. Register via paper registration form: 2019 Membership & Conference Registration Form  (Your CAASLAR annual institutional membership dues are now included in the Conference price!)

Find out more information about the conference with the 2019-caaslar-institutional-member-information-packet

Why become an institutional member?

CAASLAR is the only organization hosts an annual conference where participants gain important and current industry information. CAASLAR Board Members work hard each year to provide conference sessions on the latest laws, trends, and industry information. CAASLAR is comprised of many participants from many schools within and surrounding Colorado. Members of CAASLAR can take advantage of this informative network of industry professionals. The CAASLAR Listserv is the easiest and fastest way to learn answers to your questions. Finally, CAASLAR is affiliated with many vendors, industry supporters and resources to help answer questions and bring new perspectives to old problems.

Institutional Membership Criteria:

Any accredited institution of higher education is eligible to join. We encourage all institutions in and around Colorado to become members.

There is no limit to the number of administrators and staff from any member institution that may attend CAASLAR events. Our low conference fees are per person and cover registration and materials.

Your CAASLAR Membership is now apart of your Conference Registration. Cannot make the conference this year? Purchase a Membership Only to gain access to the CAASLAR Listserv for up to 10 members from your institution.


CAASLAR – Institutional Membership Prices

Membership Type Number Cost
Annual Membership Up to 10 participating people $125.00

Interested in becoming a member?

Its EASY! You can fill out the membership application online on:

EventBrite CAASLAR Memberships for Schools or you may fill out this 2019 Conference Registration Form and return it to Erica Manuel, Membership Coordinator:

University of Colorado, Denver
Attn: Erica Manuel, Bursar’s Office
PO BOX 173364 Denver, CO 80217
Phone: (303) 492-3565
Fax: (303) 492-1017

Click here for a list of current participating individuals and member schools.